About Us

Emmaus Bible School (South Africa) is part of Emmaus Correspondence School (International) which is one division of ECS Ministries, a worldwide ministry which distributes Bible courses. Over 1 million courses are distributed annually in more than 100 countries around the world, and in over 125 languages. ECS Ministries also includes ECS Publications, which publishes books and booklets in English and Emmaus Prison Ministry, a large evangelistic ministry in the Unites States prisons system. There are over 150 international regional directors in the over 100 countries around the world. ECS Ministries headquarters is situated in the Dubuque, Iowa, USA, but each country is an autonomous ministry that does not depend on the USA headquarters, but is responsible to them in reporting and information about the local EBS work.

Emmaus Bible School’s (English Courses) head office is based in Ferndale, Johannesburg, South Africa. The school is headed up by an International Regional Director and is managed by several helpers and Associate Instructors who are based in various provinces of the country.

Emmaus Bible School exists to teach and disseminate the Word of God through distance education in the form of Bible Courses and other materials, which are designed to evangelize the world and edify the Church as the Holy Spirit guides students to the truth through the study of Scripture.

Emmaus Bible School is currently involved in the distribution of English courses to many inmates in most prisons in S.A. and also to various individual students all over the country. The number of students that enroll with EBS each year is steadily increasing as the life changing results of these biblical studies have been seen in the lives of the students of EBS over the last 30 years that these courses have been distributed in SA.

A 45 course Diploma curriculum is sent free of charge to everyone. A Level 1 Certificate is obtained after 15 Merit Awards are achieved. (A merit award is received after completing each study course successfully)

EBS is a completely non-profit organization that is funded by the donations of faithful believers and churches who share the desire to see the Word of God distributed to all of S.A. and for many lives to be changed for the better.

So no matter whatever your situation, we have an appropriate course for you!

There is great value to distance education. Not everyone can attend a fulltime Bible institute, nor even get out every week to a Bible study at their local church. But any disciplined person can study a course by distance education. Here are some ways EBS courses may be used:

Individuals – Any individual who desires to study the Word of God in their own time, at their own convenience and at their own pace can enroll with EBS for just this.

Young Christians can be established in the faith and led on into deeper Bible study and practical knowledge of the Lord.

Groups of students can meet together to study God’s Word without a qualified teacher.

School teachers can use correspondence courses for religion or Bible study classess, either by marking their own test papers or by having the students send them in to the local regional director.

Radio, programs need adequate follow up material. Correspondence courses make excellent connections between what is heard and what can be studied.

Summer, camps can provide correspondence courses as follow up for the campers.

Gospel meetings can use courses for continued contact and follow up.

Training material for fulltime workers.

Systematic studies for prisoners.

Hospital patients can study while under doctor’s care and followed up after returning home.

Sunday School teachers and Bible class leaders can use the lessons in their classes, and use the lessons for review questions.

Mid week local church meetings can use the courses very effectively as a basis of bible study.

Ten reasons to study with Emmaus Correspondence School

1. The courses are Biblically sound
2. They are instructional
3. It is systematic
4. They test for comprehension
5. The Student receives personalized instruction
6. Flexible studying times
7. Over 60 courses to choose from
8. They are excellent teaching tools
9. They are inexpensive
10. The Student receives certificates for successful completion of courses